Music Moment: Awesome New Republic “The Endless field of Mercury”

09 Aug

Good Evening my little  gooey mounds…..

Well i´ve managed to put a fair old amount of copy away this evening so i don´t have anything REALLY important to write about over the next couple of days. This means i can now devote more time to simple pleasures. Like killing insects or throwing myself of buildings with makeshift parachutes….

But before i do that, i´ll give you this as i still have the residues of last weekends Gay Pride still smouldering in my retinas. This video is for “the Endless Field of Mercury” by Awesome New Republic. The video recreates a 70’s style beauty pageant, burning pink like a Candyfloss explosion with blurred focus and some pretty awesome ghosting effects. The song too is a wonderfully crafted piece of emotional gloom-pop that fits the tension and heart-wrenching desperation that is plain to see in those young ladies faces. For some reason seems to remind me of the Prom scene in the film “Carrie”

Watch and interpret. Good night….


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