Music Dump: O. Children “O.Children”

10 Aug


Today was what could only be described as a motherfuckingcunt of a day. Through a bizarre accident, i ended up dropping my MP3 player into a toilet, meaning i had to spend all day listening to Icleandic Radio (NOOOOO!) and then spent an hour and a half getting a new one (question: Has anyone ever heard of Cody electronics??). Then to cap it all off, i leave my keys at work, so i was locked out of my flat! See if i was a religious person i would not only be denouncing God right now, i´d been a boot stomping on his face for eternity….

But i have now sufficiently relaxed to compose a new post. And as i didn´t do it yesterday, then tonight means it’s time when i thrust my hair fist into my dark sack of music surprises to see what i come up with…..

and tonight i have found the album “O. Children” by  O.Children!

O.Children are a London outfit that have been tiling away in the London/SE gig circuit over the past 18 months. They have what can only be described as a Nu-Goth sound. Kind of makes sense as while most band have been mining post punk and early 80’s synth over the last several years, these guys have gone for the likes of the Sisters of Mercy, Bauhaus, The Mission and to a lesser extent early Nick Cave (the band name is taken from a Nick Cave song fact fans). You know bands that for many years have been VERY uncool to acknowledge or follow.

When it’s good, it’s a brilliant slice of bleak, gloomy goth rock with nice  lead footed guitar twangs,  jowly gravelly vocals. Sometimes, when it does try to be a bit too “pop”, it steers a little too close to doom-lite such as the editors (“Ezekiel’s  Son” would probably get blanket coverage on X-Ið for example).  But thankfully this is only a short blip on the album. If they were Icelandic, i would suppose they’d be a more rocked, gothed up Hank and Tank. Now that would be an interest prospect to listen to!

you can try O. Children HERE


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