Music Moment: Demdike Stare “Extwistle Hall vs Forest Of Evil (Dusk)”

11 Aug

Evening cum-dumpsters!

I am so tired. Perhaps all this is just too much and i should pack it all in and play computer games like the rest of the wheezing oiks out there. But then i come back to my old muckers Demdike Stare and it reasserts my grinding hatred of all things beige and safe….

Now regular readers of this blog should know about my Love for the “stare”. I mean, to be honest right now i don’t think there is anyone around better at blending together organic sounds and beats to an electronic backbone. Listening to them is almost like listening to something spiritual from a bygone era of industrial witches, steampunk inquisitors and monsters from messy folklore. Already their  2010 releases, Forest of Evil and Liberation through Hearing, are already in my top 10 for this year and are a masterclass in occult electronica.

Take this track that i´m playing tonight. Mixing “Extwistle Hall” from 2009′s Symbiosis and “Dusk” from this years 2010 EP Forest of Evil, you have a mix of sinister synths, blasts of white noise like the wind and throbbing drone, before the percussion kicks in and it all picks up a gear. And don´t forget the piercing screams and moans halfway through…

Like a radio broadcast from Lancashire if it were run by Cenobytes……

Good night.


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