Iceland Airwaves: Now the shit is starting to REALLY hit the fan.

14 Aug

First of a small apology. I should have written this up yesterday. But as i was helping out with a small walking tour, which descended into a few beers, then some quiet time with mah luuurvely wife, i had no time or desire to start writing last night. But today is a new day and so this will be the first of 2 Iceland Airwaves posts i´ll be doing today for your reading frenzy…..

Now there is a fair amount of speculation as to who is next to play at Iceland Airwaves at the moment judging from their Facebook page. The organisers have done a pretty good job making us go crazy with their Drip-Drip-Drip style of announcing artists who will be playing. Now i´ve done a little bit of digging and i´ve found a few acts that haven´t actually been announced yet by anyone (more on that later). But yesterday, while i was helping my friend Julia with her walking tour outside the local music shop Havarí, they had an updated Iceland Airwaves poster with the latest acts to be appearing at the festival, many of which haven´t been posted on the festival  website, MySpace or Facebook pages.

So let’s have a look at those yet to be announced acts that will obviously shock and excite us all shall we??


Now I´d like to think that the organisers of this festival read this blog on a daily basis and  have heeded my calls to decrease the prevalence of four-to-the-floor techno and give more prominence to the likes of Dubstep and other electronic forms. It’s a fanciful notion, but somehow Iceland airwaves are doing just that. The following two acts are known trailblazers in the scene and are bound to make some waves at Airwaves….

RAMADANMAN: Hailing from london, Ramadanman has been around for a while now and is a co-owner of electronic label Hessle Audio. One of the rising stars in Dubstep, his is  a fairly minimalist style, using IDM as a base for the beat. He then chops everything up, puts it all back together in a slightly wonky timing with some lovely sounds that drift in and out of listening. An excellent choice

JAMES BLAKE: Now this is a very interesting addition. A regular collaborator with Mount Kimble (who is also appearing at Airwaves), he is one of those post-dubsteb pioneers that  is taking the genre to very weird and interesting places. Expect a lot of woozy, slighty off kilter synths, chopped up vocals and beats that sound like they’ve exploded underwater.


WALLS: Now this announcement was a pleasant surprise. Hailing from the UK and part of the Kompakt label (where Gus Gus are now festering). Theirs is a sound that flits between  organic ambient noise and very bass heavy Iberian chillwave with a lot of background hiss and chatter. I´ve already done a previous post on one of their tracks, Burnt Sienna.  Damn fine it was too…..

NEON INDIAN: Now if Toro Y Moi is the Grand poobah of Chillwave, then Neon Indian is surely the Obi Wan Kenobi of what has become Hypnagogic Glo-Fi, a type of electronic music steeped in 1980’s retro synths and US MOR rock freakouts that’s made to sound like they´ve smeared jam over the tape. At least Neon Indian does this stuff to a higher level than other wannabees out there. When i saw this name on the list, i thought “Hey now, Airwaves are seriously getting their act together”. If they don´t get Ariel Pink, then this more than makes up for it all…..

Gablé: Now i do not know anything about these guys, except that they are French and  they mix hip hop and folktronica in the only way the French know how. Sounds a little similar to Modeselektor, but more banjos and a breezier style…


Film: Again another band that i´m not really aware of, although news of their appearance has been around for a few weeks now. They hail from Greece and they have worked with Icelandic artists before (most notably Hildur Kristín Stefánsdottir of Rökkurró). They do a melodramatic style of cinematic indie with lots of strings and echoed drum sounds. Will fit nicely along the likes of Efterklang, For a minor Reflection and probably Rökkurró, if you are into that sort of thing.

Wow!  That is most certainly one hell of an update. what to make of all of this? Well it’s safe to say that there is now a really good chance i´m going to enjoy a lot of the electronic acts on show as they have booked at least TWO dubstep artists that i´m really into (note: While having a pint at Bakkus yesterday, the owner  started to bitch that i seem to have a hard-on of for this type of stuff. Well i can´t reall complain there. It just sounds great!). Also with Toro Y Moi and Neon Indian, the hypnagogia scene will be represented in some form, although i would still want to see more from the Hauntology UK section being brought to the fore.

But there are STILL some more acts that need to be announced and that will happen later on. Stay tuned……



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