Iceland Airwaves: Super Sekrit Newsflash! (i´m getting pretty good at this investigating stuff….)

14 Aug

So as many may have read earlier today, i blogged about several artists who are going to play at Iceland airwaves, but have yet to be announced. There was some Dubstep, Glo-Fi pop, and Epic indie music. Good times y’all!!

But actually i was holding back a bit. There were still a few acts that i deliberately missed out from before. Mind you, the post would have been Waaaay too big and unreadable otherwise. So right now, i´m going to give the lowdown on these guys.

PLUS!! In my spare time (i.e. at 2am in the morning, alone and unloved), i like to conducts extensive trawls through the internets to find some slithers of juicy info about Iceland Airwaves. And i eventually got pretty good at it. because. I MANAGED TO FIND SOME ARTISTS SO ARE PLAYING AT AIRWAVES WHO HAVE NOT BEEN ANNOUNCED BY ANYONE ELSE!

But before i end up blowing my proverbial load, lets run down on these artists first shall we. Now it should be noted that apart from the first act, i don´t know anything about these guys at all. In fact, i´m actually hearing them for the first time while i´m writing this post, so all you will be getting are my first, very sketchy, Impressions….


Mondkopf: Well there had to be some kind of techno in this festival i must concede. It’s just the natural order of things here. However, Airwaves have done a good thing by booking this guy, Mondkopf. A french artist and remixer. He makes a very pounding blend of ambient, club dance and other forms of electronica that does seem to take you to some rather dark places. would be interesting if they paired this guy up with Auchtere….

CHATEAU MARMONT: Yes we have ANOTHER French synth act playing at airwaves. However these guys seem to be more fixated on the late 70’s/80’s retro synth spookiness. Seems to mix Hauntological sounds with Daft Punk robot vocals that brings to mind the likes of “Tron” and Tangerine Dream for some reason. I actually rather like it. I hope they go all OTT spooky goth with fucked up Giallo movie visuals when they play up here.

WILD GEESE: I´m really hoping that these guys named themselves after the stupendously ridiculous war movie from the 70’s with Roger Moore and Richard Burton. But i digress. Now these guys are an outfit from good ol’ Blighty and they do hardcore Drone metal. Ha! only joking they are an electro outfit like everyone else. But their electro is centred on twisting disco and 70’s exploitation sounds. It all sounds rather groovy actually. Would like to see this go down with local disco guy Magnús Dyrí in Bakkus on Saturday evening. Alas i can´t seem to find any vids, but here is some remix stuff they did for Metronomy…

Metronomy – Do The Right Thing (Wild Geese Remix).

ok now for the good shit….


YUNI IN TAXCO: These are an Indie pop outfit from Seattle in the US. They make very bright breezy Surf Garage indie music, not too dissimilar to a quieter version of Best Coast and the like. A bit too twee and poppy for my liking. But i´m sure that some out there will lap this up. The other good news is that their debut EP is Free to download from Bandcamp, so that is a certainly a tick in the box against their name…

INEPTIE: Ineptie is a solo artist from…. wait a second….. from France Again??? Now is it me or did the guys at IMX go on a booze cruise to France earlier this year and raid the local branch of HMV or something?? Either way she makes very chirpy Folktronica and on one track she also uses a ukulele (god dammit). Also should be noted that she has Sigur Rós and Benni Hemm Hemm as friends on her MySpace page. Females will love her. No vids or MP3’s alas so you’ll just have to go to her MySpace page….

RACKNRUIN: Garish Old Skool  Ravey Davey Gravey dance shit. YESSSS! right from the start, the old popping bass synths and beeps, jungle style rhythms and people shouting “MAKE SOME NOIIIIZE!” take you back to illegal raves on the M25, vicks in gas masks and very ugly-looking t-shirts and hoodies. I feel almost young already….

PHEW! That was certainly some exclusive and a half eh? I certainly hope that there is something here that will take your interest. For me i would like to see how Chateau Marmont and RACKNRUIN turn out. I´m now off to score some dodgy E from a wrong looking type at a petrol service station….


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