Link stop: Found Objects – A Hauntology History Lesson…..

16 Aug

evening my little Friends.

Well this weekend was sure fun wasn’t it? attended the Severed Crotch album Release/Farewell party on Saturday and once again my amazing powers of self-control and willpower failed me emphatically once again. Also i used the opportunity to taste a large amount of a new type Icelandic Schnapps (under the guise of a taste review). Well i would love to tell you how it actually tastes, but hopefully you will be able to read all about it in the paper at a later date.

So back to work this evening. Just putting together a  quick review then write-up the weekends gig. But while i do that, here is a cool blog i´ve been following over the last week.

Called Found Objects, it describes itself as a “Hauntological Dumping Ground” and is a collection of pictures, music and video that directly taps into that spirit of the spectral car boot sale of past cultures and tribes. As someone who is very interested in all things Hauntological, some of these posts (especially the videos) sets up a central line to my childhood memories. i especially remember the posts showing the old childrens books from Usbourne publishing.

Memories of futures past…..

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