Music Moment: Benni Hemm Hemm “Blood of my Blood”

16 Aug

Oh dear…..

Well i was having a lovely evening writing reviews and having one eye on the TV, when i received a  text to attend leaving drinks for my Lovely Friends Julia and Haukur. They’re off to the US this week as she is starting Grad school and he, well, is having a holiday with her.

So there was only one thing i could do but put my clothes on and stomp downtown to our local bar. Loads people were there, including the local cops who came as someone had reported that our of our party had brought her baby with her and they decided to get all moral about it. Hmmmmm….. IT WAS A QUIET MONDAY NIGHT YOU FOOLS!

Oh well. I need some lovely soothing music, and i have just the ticket for such an occasion. Benni Hemm Hemm is a bit of a legend in the Local with scene here. The Brainchild of Benedikt H. Hermansson, they’ve been making mournful big band tunes for quite a few years. However he moved to Scotland last year and has been hanging out with Scots psych folkers such as Alasdair Roberts and it shows in his latest solo release “Retaliate”, his first in English. The following track is just so beautiful, a bit similar to Bonnie Prince Billy, but this is a very good thing. People, when you want to do soft acoustic music, this is kinda how it should be done ok?

Good night


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