Music Dump: Surfer Blood “Astro Coast”

17 Aug


God everything is all starting to back up. I´ve finished one album review, but i have 2 more to do, a live gig review, an opinion column and a piece about a new brand of Iceland Schnapps (it contains REAL icelandic Moss people!). And i need to have all it done before the next issue is due (so next Tuesday then). Seriously i don´t know how real professional writers actually do it!

But of course my little tumour abusers, my duty to you all is still one of my top priorities. This means i need to get some quality music to you forthwith as part of my weekly music dump. And for this week, i´m going to give you what is probably going to be one of the albums of 2010 in a lot of people’s best-of year lists.

People i am giving you “Astro Coast” by Surfer Blood

Now for all you Icelanders out there, you may have heard their single “Swim” being played on rock station X-IÐ over the past couple of months. Well they should be playing it, as it’s one hell of a perfect summer song with shitloads of reverbed echos in the vocals and heavy guitar chords that sound like classic 80’s rock. But this record has been surfing (ahem) the blogosphere since summer 2009. And the rest of “Astro coast” contains more of the same. More Hooks than a n S&M Club, delayed vocals all over the shops and plenty of heavy anthemic guitar sounds similar to Indie Godfather Weezer, Pixies and Pavement.

It’s as breezy and immediate as the Florida location the band hails from and acts as superior indie party music for the upcoming mennigarnótt celebrations that will start to signify the ending of the summer.

You can try Astro coast HERE

and then you buy it HERE


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