Music Moment: Crippled Black Phoenix “Time of Ye Life/ Born for Nothing/ Paranoid Arm of Narcoleptic Empire”

18 Aug


Good evening my fellow acolytes of felching….

I´ve been lazy this evening on this blog. Mostly because i´ve been trying to squeeze a mental night out into 600 words while trying to work out whether i´m acutally eligible to apply for Icelandic Citizenship (frankly something i would rather not do, but it would mean i could become an anarchist destroyer of THE SYSTEM and could get arrested without being worried about being deported back to good old Blighty). Also spending my time looking at Finns and their weird Sauna habits, while looking to get the final episode of Sherlock (which i missed due to my flat move)….

But for tonights nighty-night music, do you know what we need? Yes that’s right, EXPANSIVE POST ROCK, and no not Explosions in the Sky for once…

Crippled Black Phoenix, for starters are from the UK, and are more like a collective (i.e. smelly hippies and shit). Made of members of Iron MonkeyGongaMogwai, and Electric Wizard, they make slow building music that eventually decides to bro-explode in your face (or as it’s in the UK, brother ejaculate).

This melody of individual tunes (from their 2009 album “200 tones of Bad Luck) starts off by one of the best motivational speeches given by none other than Evel Kinevel, set to THE BLEAKEST BACKGROUND MUSIC EVER! I think it’s great. the sort of thing i would play at my funeral just to piss  people off. then it swoops into your classic post rock sounds that is great to listen now that we are actually getting a few hours of darkness now….

Good night….

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