Gay, Gayer, Gayest: Will Daníel Óliver save us from our boring girlfriends??

19 Aug

A few days ago i was reading the latest update from Not Another Angry Mob. The post is hilarious as Virgil laments at how FUCKING GAY Iceland has become and that certain parts of the Gay culture have now been fully co-opted into the mainstream. He especially laid into how lame Reykjavik gay pride had become in that it was less a full on (and slightly dangerous) celebration of all aspects of being gay, and more about being a happy family day out with the kids and candyfloss.

He then goes through the main players in the Icelandic gay music scene (note that this is pop music. No mention of Jónsi or Nico Muhly for example) and lambasts them in their own way. But then he saved the best for last. Daníel Oliver and his hit Dr Love!

(As I’ve started writing this, i´ve been informed by Sigga that i am not allowed to be horrible about Daníel and his video. It turns out that she knew him well from her hotel management days and that he would always give us free tickets on the Airport flybus. They´re very expensive you know…)

The  funny thing is that while the music was a bit naff, i loved the message in his video. While, he should lay off the panda eyeshadow and mascara (That’s definitely Haffi Haffs thing), the message is this “I´m such a sexual being, that i will steal your boyfriend and I WILL FUCK HIM!”. The look on his face as he closes the hotel door behind him is priceless. And not a sparkly PVC suit or comedy lederhosen in sight. Rather refreshing actually that gay people actually have sex and not look like a glitter explosion……


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