Music Moment: The soft Moon “Parallels”

19 Aug

Evening my sweat drops of anxious bilge (?)

Am getting though all my little work commitments. However a NEW  thing is now on the horizons and it could either be great, or ball clenchingly bad. Last week i agreed to take over a tourist walk that is run by the Reykjavik Grapevine as the person who runs it, Julia, is now moving to the states for a year. It may only be for 2 more weeks, but now i have to stuff my head with lots of facts, figures and make a billion phone calls tomorrow afternoon to remind people of who i am and to have stuff prepared for the tourists when they arrive. At least It’s for free…

I was thinking of playing a track tonight either by broadcast or Balam Acab, but then i came across this video by The Soft Moon on the Those we left behind blog, and it immediately made me fall in love with it. And what’s not to love? Echoey Post-Punk Bass (My mate Greg From DLX ATX would appreciate), efficient German Motorik rhythms, Growling synth in the undergrowth and witch house like howls in the forest. And all this set to classic 20’s Abstract movies by Max Richter.

I am sitting in darkness, naked and wearing shades….. it’s that great.



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