Music Moment – Broadcast “Tender Buttons”

20 Aug

Evening you total shower of cocks you….

Well i´m too knackered and lazy to do anything of note on here today. After work i gave my debut tourist walking tour for the Grapevine. Took several tourists and showed them all the relevant music and cultural hotspots of downtown Reykjavik. Showed the all the bars, cafes and places of Ill-repute. They even got some free beer and waffles out of it. And alas i got no tips, but i did get several free beers, so i can understand why i am a little “tired and emotional”

I do promise i will get some stuff sent to you all this weekend. Perhaps some free music treats. And reviews of the (almost) final line up for Reykjavik Airwaves. Oh and i´ve been messing around with some software creating some new “Icelandic Ambient Classics”, which I’ll unveil soon!

But anyway here is some music for this evening. “Tender Buttons” from the Ever Excellent Broadcast….

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