Like, OMG!!! you’re really giving us loads of FREE shit and Stuff???

21 Aug

….Yes i am my little munchkins….

although i do have to be quick. My anger levels are high and i do feel my skin turning green and my t-shirt is starting to get inexplicably tight right now. Oh and i do have to rush off and see some god damn culture, the BEST that Reykjavik can offer in 2010…. Hmmmm….

Well first off is a nice little group called Glass Vaults. They´ve released a free EP called Glass . It’s very much an ambient affair but with a bit of folky gloom running through it. A bit like if foals did a collaboration with grouper, or something. But remember it’s free so it’s no skin off your nose…

OK next up is Team and their free EP Catch Pool. Starts off like and indie band playing in a very deep dark cave, then morphs into some chopped up funky beats, then chilled out trip hop and shit. Hey don´t ask me, i´m drinking right now! Go and check them out for yourselves though…

What i have next for your dirty little mitts, is the self titled EP from Skeletal System. Again a lot of ambient and early 80’s New wave vocals with 2nd hand new order drum machines. But it’s nice and gloomy, which is really my default setting…
And last but not least was something that was recommended by my father (well at least he is in my mind) Warren Ellis. It’s a free EP by those whispering Electronic dudes RxRy and is entitled Memory Landscapes. 5 Tracks of Soft Hypnagogic, sounds with woodland scuttling and cracks to break the methadone glide….

Ok i need more beer…….


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