New Feature – The Sunday Movie Apocalypse!!

22 Aug

Oh it’s you lot again!

Well this week i thought i´d pull the plug on the Sunday Punk movie Matinnee. I feel that it’s run it’s course and some fo te remaining films aren´t really worth showing. alas there were a few films that slipped out of my grasp, such as Derek Jarman’s “Jubilee” and “Ladies and Gentlemen: the Fabulous stains!”, but hopefully someone will have the prescence of mind to upload them onto the internet someday…

Which brings me to todays entry. Yesterday was Culture Night (Menningarnótt) in Reykjavik and 100,000 people ventured downtown to experience the best of Icelandic culture (and about a million yard and car boot junk sales). While i was walking amongst this flotsam and jetsam, i was thinking of only thing…

“Wouldn´t it be great if the world could explode and end this all right now?”

And this morbid thinking of the apocalypse made me come up with today new feature. Yes sunday will now be the haven to all that is wonder about the apocalypse and the harrowing aftermath. Disease! Famine! Cyborg death cults! And much, much more!

So to start of this feature, i´m going for the daddy. That can only mean one thing…. THREADS!

Threads was a BBC produced docudrama from 1984 that detailed what would happen in the event of a Nuclear War  and its effects on the Northern English city of Sheffield. Needless to say that what happens is NOT good.

When this was first shown, the collective horror from the public ensured that it has actually never been shown again on the BBC in its entirety since. It also increased the support for organisations such as CND.

It’s safe to say that they don´t make dramas like this anymore. While kids these days are weaned on pap such as “2012” and “The Day after tomorrow”, which shows mass destruction but gooey tales of human heroics and a happy ending, Threads is relentless in its unremitting bleakness and depravity. Death, Disease, Famine, Rape,  the compete destruction of modern civilisation and society back to the Dark Ages, you know that sort of thing.

And all of this is helped by the matter-of-fact documentary structure of the film, which proves a great build up in tension before the actual event. You also get some truly gruesome horrifying scenes (the two birth scenes and the mother cutting the umbilical cord is one you won´t forget). After watching this, you will be filled with a deep dread that we are a literally a step and a half away from destroying ourselves for no reason at all. I recommend a stiff drink followed by hiding yourself under the covers as you attempt to cry yourself to sleep, having survived another day of futile existence.


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