Iceland airwaves ’10: Now with a spangly rotating banner and shit!

23 Aug

Now i have been a little bit busy over the last few days (except yesterday, when i was tired and hungover, which still counts), but the world of music continues to grind its way through our souls. Many people have not missed that the venerable grunts at Iceland Airwaves have ratched up their plans a gear last week, by officially announcing loads of acts, while at the same time, completely re-designing the website. Big pictures of the main artists, proper details on booking and other festival info. Oh and a nice scrolling banners containing the artists performing.

But this is a music blog, not a web design one. Now I´ve already announced many of the artists that are due to play, but there have been several more that i was aware of, but frankly was too lazy to write about them. until now. So let’s jump right into this sonic good and see what ends up our crevasses shall we?

MY BUBBA AND MI: A female trio consisting of an Icelander, a Swede and a Dane who play what can be described as “plinky country folk”. Expect lots of strummed banjos and acting all arch and fey. This sort of thing really gives me a severe case of Arseache and even having a track titled ‘Bob we love you’ doesn’t really make things better. However, if this kind of thing floats your boat, then they have made their debut album “How it’s done in Italy” available as a free download. Rather nice of them isn’t it?

NILS FRAHM/ CODES IN THE CLOUDS: These guys (Nils is from Finland. CITC from the UK) are both bedfellows at Erased Tapes, home of Ólafur Arnalds. and they will be performing together in an Erased Tapes. So expect a night of hardcore speed metal, stage vomit and mass crowd violence, nuanced Post rock and melancholy neo-classical music to slit your wrists to with a nice vintage Bordeaux.

NIVE NIELSEN: Female solo acoustic warbling from Greenland. And i thought the reggae of Liima Inui was enough! Ok that is a little unfair. Her music is more downbeat, sparse and weathered than most of the local artists here. Reminds me a little of Maddy Star and a stripped back Kristin Herch

VUK: Vuk is a Finnish woman who describes her music as “Melodramatic Popular Music”. Hmm i see what you did there. But again it’s not that bad. She has very strong but nuanced vocals, that swings between PJ Harvey, Joanna Newsom and Florence from Florence and the Machine. The music is also similar to Florence and Newsom with lots of layered vocal harmonies, simple tribal rhythms and synths and harpsichords. the Finns always seem to do this stuff very well….

DIAMOND RINGS: Hails from Canada, and looks like the unholy outcome between Haffi Haff and La Roux. Plays lo-fi plastic pop that incorporates clicked track beats and guitars as well. Hmm it’s not really exciting me this, this stuff. Knowing my luck I’ll probably end up being assigned to review him though…

DOMINIQUE YOUNG UNIQUE: Had honestly never heard of this lady before this weekend, but god she’s very infectious. Hails from Florida and she plays very juiced up ADHD Electro Disco Rap that comes with a dusting of cocaine and Euroshopper energy drinks. Makes MIA look like the geriatric old hag she is…..

MODDI: solo Acoustic plodder from Norway. Makes music for people who hark on about “nature” all the time and would run in fear of an electrified guitar. therefore, the perfect shit for most sensitive Icelanders to lap up. As for me, i just found it a bit boring. Lets hope he isn´t booked to play at a full house at NASA. It will be impossible to hear him from all the chatting….

PENNY POLICE: another artist who is yet to be announced. A woman from Denmark. She does very soft gentle paino based tunes. Not much else to say really. Not my bag alas but see what you think. No vids available, but there are some songs on her MySpace….

Wow i´m bloody knackered now! A little bit later i will be looking at most of the local acts i haven´t yet looked at. But until then, go and look at these artist, make your own decisions and get your bloody tickets booked….


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