Music Moment: Cosmetics “Soft Skin”

24 Aug

Good evening there Wombats of Zuul…..

Managed to get some real work done, the sort that keeps me in Beer and Mayonnaise at least. I have managed to get a NEW Mp3 player ordered after a pretty shitty ordeal at the hands of Icelandic electronic retailers (note: Don´t use them… EVER!). But now i have to wait for it to be shipped up from the UK in sekrit packaged that will be laced with hard drugs and explosives to keep them off the scent.

Well tonight i was going to play a lovely eerie video by a group called Mushy, but once again that mighty surfer of the musical zeitgeist Warren Ellis was quicker to the punch than i was… again (note 2: if you want to cooler and more vital in your music suggestions than everyone else, don´t be so free with the contents of your music RSS feeder). So go over to his site and see that video (it be well good n’ all….)

But i do have an interesting little gem to show you tonight. “Soft Skin” by Cosmetics. An electro outfit from Vancouver, Canada, this is good old-fashioned gothic Synth pop that mixes a bit of Glass Candy with Zola Jesus style vocals. the video as well is a rather evil little affair imposing stock 50’s Advert footage with maggots and decay, suggesting that some evil ACME scientist is impregnating our fragrant housewives with insect DNA to turn them into some species-style hybrid that will tear our heads off while having sex. I should be so lucky…



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