New Icelandic Ambient Classics! No. 1 – Dikta “Just Getting Started”

24 Aug

As well as churning out gallons of bilge for a major Icelandic publication (can someone tell me again how THAT happened?), dealing with this blog and trying to curb my addiction to internet pornography of the midget variety, I like to keep abreast of all the fun things that happen on the internets.

Last week the chatrooms and blog sites were ablaze with the posting of a joke track by Nick Pittsinger, where he took “U Smile” by Justin Bieber and slowed it down 8 times. He did the impossible and somehow made young Master Bieber somehow….bearable! Cue a temporary internet meltdown of LOLcat proportions.

Well as i´m one to ride the zeitgeist rip off someone else’s brilliant idea, i decided to get some music software and do some fucking around of my own. And lo and behold, a new long running feature (or till i get bored with it next week), NEW ICELANDIC AMBIENT CLASSICS!

This week i take “Just Getting Started” by Dikta. Does slowing it down 8 times turn a soppy pile of piano wank into something that would make Brian Eno weep in his sleep? answers on a postcard!

Oh and for those of you who may have been in a coma and STILL not know the original, here it is. Compare and enjoy…


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Posted by on August 24, 2010 in Iceland, mixes, music


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