Iceland Airwaves ’10: Erased Tapes Night and ANOTHER unannounced act! Squeeee!!!

26 Aug

Well i was going to do a music dump tonight centering on Post-Punk sounds of the past and present. But some news has popped into my lap regarding our very own version of Glastonbury/Pitchfork festival/annual Gathering of the Jugaloos, Iceland Airwaves!

so what is so pressing that i just HAVE to tell you? Well read on….


As mentioned in a previous post, there is going to be a special Erased Tapes night at the Festival, featuring Such Delights as Olafur Arnalds, Nils Frahm and Codes in the Clouds. But they´ve announced the event on their Myspace Page today with a couple more acts that have yet to be officially announced.

RIVAL CONSOLES: Despite the plural sounding name, Rival Consoles is a single bloke from the UK names Ryan Lee West. He does a line in IDM music that is VERY reminiscent of a more melodic Aphex Twin with some added sampled strings in there somewhere. I´m actually rather liking this guy actually. Will need to find a copy of his album “I/O” somewhere…..

KIASMOSIS: Woahh! An Icelandic Electronic supergroup? Yup This is what happens when you take one neo-classical composer (Ólafur Arnalds) and a member of a superior Electroclash Band (Bloodgroups Janus Rasmussen), and lock them in a small room with only one chair and one bottle of water for 3 days. So far they’ve only released a couple of tracks in a split 12″ with Rival Consoles. No vids are available, but click on the link to hear their tracks “65” and “Walled”.


Upon doing a regular sweep of the internets, another band have just announced themselves as performing at Iceland Airwaves. Harrys Gym hail from Norway and they’ve been very quietly plugging away in their native homeland for a while now (Their self titled debut album was released in the UK earlier this year). They have a electro heavy rock sound that’s rather psychedelic and melancholy. A bit like mixing Mew, “Gran Turismo”-era Caridgans and Fever Ray. I actually remember hearing their stuff last year when some tracks appeared on my RSS reader. I thought they were OK at the time but didn´t really pick me up enough to warrant much attention (i was on a MAJOR Boris and Sunno))) fix at the time, if i do remember). But anyway they are playing at Faktory apparently. I´m sure they will have that backstage finished by then….

Now that’s your lot for now. Don’t ever say i´m not nice to you ‘cos i’ll kick your teeth in if you do….).

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