Music Moment: Tony McPhee “The Hunt Pts 1 & 2”

26 Aug

Good evening my wasps of carnal disgust…

sometimes you think you know music and then someone who obviously knows better just comes right up to you and gives you that metaphorical kick in the balls (and often a Real kick at the same time to let you know your place).  I bought my usual copy of The Wire Magazine ( i really need to get a proper subscription. It’s just costs SO much to buy each issue in Iceland. Maybe next month). This month is all about “The Future as now” and how Hypnagogia and Hauntology has pervaded the body of contemporary music. But in particular the Invisible Jukebox section has Baron Mordant of Mordant Music ( a favourite of this blog) wax lyrical about a lost classic of the 70’s, Tony McPhee’s “the Hunt”.

Tony McPhee is a blues rocker and a member of a band called the Groundhogs. But in 1973 he made a solo Album (“The Two Sides of Tony (T.S.) McPhee”) in which he recites poetry about hunting. over a sound he creates from two analogue synths….

Pt 2 is exceptional (it’s a mix of new age prog synth rockouts with blues vocals that would make Rick Wakeman Proud), but it’s Pt 1 that just completely blew my mind. It starts off with a synth recreation of a dog howl followed by some spoken word poetry from McPhee with a modulating synth recreating the sounds of the Hunt. So far so prog. But then it launches into this futuristic Pounding industrial electronic recreation of the actual hunt that was just sooo….. fucking awesome! i actually had to recheck that someone hadn’t linked up the wrong audio track to the picture. But it’s legit. And IT’S FROM FUCKING 1973! It’s like a proto Prodigy and i swear i´ve heard that music used as a sample beofre. If someone does actually know, then tell me ok?

So do me a favour and fucking listen to this…..OK???

Good. Fucking. Night

(A big thanks to Found Objects for posting this song in the first place)


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2 responses to “Music Moment: Tony McPhee “The Hunt Pts 1 & 2”

  1. ferallon

    August 27, 2010 at 2:27 am

    Holy fucking hell. Mr. Cluness, where would I be without you to point me at all the music I was meant to be listening to.

  2. halfmoon recording studio

    September 6, 2014 at 4:48 am

    WOW brings back serious memories.. i remember listening to this song many a night.. along with rick wakeman.. WOW thank you


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