Music Dump Post-Punk Special. Bush Tetras and Trash Kit

28 Aug

Afternoon there Mongoloids….

I should have posted this yesterday, but then i led a guided walking tour, which led into a small drinking session with the Grapevine staff (all women!) that led to me coming home at midnight a little worse for wear.

so today i´ve been baking and stuff and trying to act all domesticated. And then i remembered i needed to do this music dump. So let’s get that sorted shall we?….

for this post, i´d thought I’d do a bit of a post punk special as i seem to have a lot of music from that era with the Likes of Gang of Four, A certain Ratio, Joy Division, The Chameleons, the list goes on forever. All those scratchy guitars, funky basslines and jerky vocals. So i´m posting two albums today, one from yesteryear and one from today to show this sound has Endured.

First up is “Boom in the Night” by Bush Tetras. Bush Tetras were a Female New York band that created a very funky post punk sound with very rhythmic distorted guitars and confident female vocals. This album is a compilation of the recordings from 1980-83. Includes their best known song, “Too Many Creeps”

You can try “Boom in the night” right HERE

The Second album lined up is “Trash Kit” by Trash Kit. Trash Kit are from the UK and are also a female only band. Their sound is a lot more lo-fi and minimal. The vocals are hollered and sound a lot like old punk groups such as the Slits,  the drumming is chaotic and the guitars are very picked and scratchy. But it’s all a huge amount of fun with 17 songs performed in 27 minutes! Would love to see these ladies in a live gig….

Try “Trash Kit” HERE

then buy the Damn thing HERE

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