Music Moment: bob Log III “Boob Scotch”

29 Aug

Good evening there my eunuchs of Leviathan…

You will be pleased to know that i have done absolutely FUCK ALL today, apart from eat cookies, potter around the flat and research old ITV continuity reels from the 1980’s. They say that the line between genius and mental is pretty thin. but why does there have to be a line i say? Lines are baaaaad things…

well i fancied listening to something a little naughty but dirty this evening, and last week i came across a particularly nasty individual that goes by the name of Bob Log III. He hails from Tuscon, Arizona and he is your one man band writ large with massive brass balls. Specialising in amplified downtuned steel slide guitars, he makes a very gutteral blues rock that is given an extra layer of filth with song titles such as Big Ass Hard On, Wag Your Tail Like a Dog In The Back Of A Truck, Clap Your Tits and the Family classic I Want Your Shit On My Leg. Perfect for your sunday service.

Oh yeah did i tell you that he performs in a kinky blue jumpsuit and wears a helmet with a telephone mouthpiece attached for a microphone?

This lovely track, titled “Boob Scotch” in reference to how he likes his favourite drink, Sounds like Tom Waits and a little bit of Blues Explosion if they decided to take off their clothes, get oiled and have a dirty wrestle. Also i may try that drink the next time i go down to Bakkus or Zimsen….

Note – Probably NSFW due to (as the title suggests) a lot of female breasts on display. Again as if that is a bad thing…

[Vimeo =}]

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