The Sunday Movie Apocalypse! “When the Wind Blows”

29 Aug

Now one thing this blog can´t be accused of is overbearing unhappiness. No, I’d like to think of it as an endless chasm of desperate bleakness, an unyielding meat pit of horror and despair and blackness. And Coldplay…

so i occasionally like a bit of light relief to stop me from just ending it all. And as its sunday, that light relief is here in the form of the SUNDAY MOVIE APOCALYPSE!

And this week, something both bleak and heartwarming in easy measures. Ladies and gentlemen i present “When the Wind Blows”

When the Wind Blows is an animated film based on the graphic novel by Raymond Briggs. It tells the story of an Elderly couple, Jim and Hilda (Voiced by John Mills and Peggy Ashcroft) and their attempts to prepare for the worst as the UK & Russia embark upon a Nuclear War. They both have an old world charm (endless cups of teas, a can do attitude) while at the same time exhibiting a Naive worldview and respect for authority and that the Government knows what is best. As war breaks out, their resolve is tested as their situation becomes ever more bleak.

The films also includes original music by Roger Waters and David Bowie (who performed the title song), GenesisSqueeze and Paul Hardcastle

Now i remember reading the book version of this when i was 10-year-old (it belonged to a student lodger who was staying with us at the time). It certain had a profound effect on me, especially the VERY Bleak ending. I tihnk i had some problems sleeping, trying not to think about the world ending. goddamn Raymond Briggs.

But this is a very touching and emotive film. Perfect for this drab, gray afternoon.

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