New Icelandic Ambient Classics! No.2 – Haffi Haff “Jealousy”

30 Aug

As the start of a new week dawns, then it surely means that it’s time to create a silk purse out of a sows ear as i introduce the next instalment of NEW ICELANDIC AMBIENT CLASSICS!

Now last weeks choice of Dikta was met almost universal nonplussment. However, undaunted i have decided to take things a little darker this time around. Snuffling through my Icelandic music collection, i found the perfect choice in front of me. Yup it was “Jealousy” by Haffi Haff.

Listening to this at normal speed you’re assaulted with autotune, pigeonfart synths and crap rhythms. So what would happen if you were to slow it down 8 times?

Well the answer is something rather bleak and disturbing that’s what. Gone is the B-Grade R&B and in its place is a rather haunting darkwave ambient hell. Ghosts whisper in some disused post-industrial landscape as Haffi’s mantra pierces the cold air of an abandoned factory…. or something….. Well it certainly picks up after 15 minutes anyway…

Have a listen and see what you think….

And hee for the faint of heart is the original.

Now do any of YOU have suggestions out there on what could be turned into a New Icelandic Ambient Classic? Perhaps some classic Stuðmenn, or maybe some Hjaltalín? or some Mínus even (god that would be hellish!). Let me know what you think..

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