Music Moment: Celestine “God”

31 Aug


Today? well if i can describe how today has felt in a single word it would have to be “arse”. Bad day at work was then compounded by a crappy shopping trip (going to the Bónus supermarket always brings out the black dog in me…). Then when we get back home, there was a note from the Post Office saying that my MP3 player package had arrived but i need to pay a “tax” that comes to about 75% of the value of item!! what a fucking racket they have in this country!

And then i get some bad news about a few friends of mine that just truly sucked…. arse….

So tonight is not about oh, soft lilting alt-folk, or glacial ambient music, of some English pastoral Hauntological field recordings. NO!

Tonight is about getting really angry, primal urges to destroy something beautiful and just take this fist of mine and smash into the face of the Icelandic state till i feel the cartilage rupture against my white-hot knuckles.

And to do it with, i´m playing “God” by Icelandic hardcore sludge exponents Celestine. Man these guys produce some of the angriest stuff Iceland can possibly produce. This track comes from their 2008 EP “at the Borders of Arcadia”. Get it if your ever truly cared about anything in your life…


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