Free Music Dump: Have you been a good boy? then put your Hand Down Santas sack for a surprise…

01 Sep

Well as i´m in a slighty better mood, i should really give you freeloading bastards a reason to keep coming to this Pus ridden flea pit that i call a blog. And of course my best currency is the oodles of free music that seems to drift towards me like a floating body in the tide…

so what do i have in store for you this week? Lets get tunnelling…

First up is the Album “VIVA§” by Spinning Beach Ball of Death. It’s been release by those fine purveyors of Noise and everything lo-fi and Free, Amdiscs Records. These are rather mysterious. A check up on the tube reveals no MySpace or bad Bio at all, but this album contains 8 tracks of music that veers between old school synth pop and post punk workouts done through a muffled lo-fi noise filter., Rather mellow and fuzzed out.

You can download “VIVA§” right HERE….

PLUS!!!!…. here is another Free EP they did last year titled Calorama. They even have a track on it called Eyjafjallajökull which is a noise belter! See if it is better than the song done by Eliza Newman….

Next up is the EP titles”Parade, I don´t care” by The Fruhstucks. they’re from “The Mediterranean” and they make a mix of psychedelic Pop and fuzzy electro acoustic ambient nonsense. It’s rather joyous in a its own little way. REminds me of early 80’s pop for some reason.

Next up is “Lazy Friend You Move So Fast” by Okinawa Lifestyle. Now this i really do like. A duo hailing from Tblisi, Georgia of all place (isn´t the internet great at this kind of shit?), their EP is full of loopy arpeggiated synth electro pop  that is reminiscent of glo-fi but it’s far more punchy and danceable. Not the most original music out there, but still better than 92% of most home bedroom productions…
If you really like what they dom then go to their blog (on the link above) and there are 3 more EPs for a free download.

And finally, we have “Gaiden” by Change Leopardon from York. Lots of nice droney guitars, mixed with reverb soaked drums and howling in the distance vocals. Very Shoegaze-y but most dirty, less dreamy. It all actually sounds very melodic and relaxing! Very Reccommended.
Also, if you like this album, then there are 2 more EP’s for free download at their bandcamp page….
Well i think that’s all you need to keep you going for now. As for me, i´m off to completely sort my record collection along the lines of how angry each track makes me…
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