Music Moment: Indian Jewelery “Excessive Moonlight”

01 Sep

Good evening there my imps of the dark fudge…

Well i feel like i´ve been dragging the breeze block of sloth with me today. I need to get two album reviews thought in my head and i need to do a pesky alcoholic beverage review, which can be a little problematic as I’ve drunk the lot and i can´t seem to find the notes anywhere. May have to buy some more!

Plus also had some late lunch with a friend and we managed to put to rights some deep-seated wrongs with the world. It all still sucks though.

so tonight i won´t destroy your eardrums with Hardcore sludge metal, but it will still be moody. Indian Jewelery released their 4th album, “Totaled” earlier this summer. It was a bit patchy in places, but when they went for the abstract pop jugular they managed to nail it, such as their tracks “Closer” and this one “Excessive Moonlight”. Booming gothic Bass lines that takes Pornography Era Cure, hollows it out and adding some updated Darkwave pop with gloomy reverbed female vocals. Excellent to look pained and anguished too…


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