Iceland airwaves ’10: It’s MOIDER i tells yer…..

02 Sep

good evening wingnuts……

Well the eternal quest to find out what going on down at the Iceland airwaves festival continues apace. Things are seriously starting to pick up a gear as apparently i may have to act like a real journalist and actually speak to real artists and musicians! This cannot end well i tell you…

But more on that later. Right now i see that another unannounced act is looming on the Airwaves horizon. MURDER are Danish duo Jacob Bellens and Anders Mathiasen and what they are is not happiness and delight. What they are instead is bleak neo-folk that would make Sufjan Stevens weep in anguish. Mournful trembling vocals with occasional grinding cellos and flitting pianos in the background.

Man i would really love to see someone try to crowd surf to these guys. I would even buy them a drink!

Edit – Oh yeah and they are playing at an Airwaves warmup event on the 17th September at Nordatlantens Brygge in Copenhagen, with Dikta Kasper Bjorke and DJ Margeir, details are HERE!

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