Music Moment: Nadja “Sky Burial”

02 Sep

almost time to go and get my brain re-formatted…..

But first some music. whenever I’m looking for something new to listen to, there are 3 things i tend to look out for…

1) Does it have a sound that would make animals wince in pain?

2) Can i take this song up to a mountainside at night and take lots of drugs while listening to it?

3) Are they Canadian?

If the answer is yes to all 3, then it can only mean that i have found some music by Nadja. their ambient drone rock/metal just completely bottoms out my soul in a good way and especially tonight’s track, “Sky Burial”.  This track was recorded live as Part of the Latitude Sessions for Southern Records in Sept 2009, but was only released last month. God Damn this is brilliant. Flits between crunching earthiness and wistful air thermals so easily. Now i want this to be played at my funeral while the congregation was Buzzards tear at my corpse…


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