Work, work, work!! Mashups and Icelandic music, etc….

04 Sep

bloodied fingers on batter keyboards….

Sorry for not posting anything yesterday. I bumped into friends Catharine and Aðalsteinn and had a few drinks with them. This meant that by the time i got home i was in no mood to slave away at a keyboard for you slack-jawed ingrates.

But today is a new day. Have a lot to do as friends are over for dinner so i have to sluice the stains off the walls. But this morning i conducted an interview with a DJ named Simon Iddol, one of the main players in the “Mashup” remix scene. He was a lovely, charming man to talk to and i now have loads of stuff to type up the weekend.

He also as a treat gave me a little remix he did last year titled “Iceland Versus Hungary”. 6 tracks, 3 from lceland, 3 from Hungary that he mixed together live. It all sound really lovely, so i´ll let you have that to listen to while i spend this afternoon cooking….

Listen to Iceland Vs Hungary HERE….

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