Music Moment – Yellow Swans “Mass Mirage”

07 Sep


Now that I’m plugged back into the matrix (it felt so weird poking my fingers into the holes at the back of my head where my connector sockets should be), i can now start to get back on the writing buzz. Have people to contact, interviews to organise, yadayadayada

But we can now commence with the playing of the nightly music moment. I found “Mass Mirage” by Yellow Swans a couple of weeks ago as part of a compilation titled “14 tracks of Drone Pop” that was produced by the Bookmat website. Lots of lovely stuff From the Likes of BJ Nilsen & Ben Frost, but this track tingled my ears in the way that only a cheap Brazilian transvestite prostitute knows how…

From the start, it takes a simple echoed guitar riff and repeatedly builds on it, making it bigger and bigger until it practically collapses from the weight of its own noise. guitar drone as supernova if you’d like. Reminds me of classic My Bloody Valentine and Bardo Pond. Best to listen in a darkened cave or 1000m underwater…..


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