Music Dump: Zola Jesus Special!

11 Sep

Edit: For some reason this wasn´t posted on Friday…..

Good evening my fellow Borg Collective Drones…

Well as i´m getting on the blogging roll, i of course need to get mah music dumping thing on. So without further or do, i´m doing to put something special into your hands, but first close your eyes….

By some weird kind of internet coincidence, there was talk about a favourite artist of mine on a couple of forums today. That artist is of course ZOLA JESUS, the psychic gothic darkwave temptress. God damn there is no one doing what she is doing right now (or rather they are trying to, but not as good). I have even (unsuccessfully) tried to lobby the people at the Icelandic Music Export to try to get her a headline at Iceland Airwaves, the bastards.

But no matter, there is still the music. And for you guys i´m giving a bumper pack of Zola Jesus related goodies.

first up is her current EP “Stridium”. It’s pretty safe to say that this is going to be somewhere in my lists of 2010. It takes the basic template fo her album “the spoils” and pushes her piercing vocals more to the fore. they also make the music sound like it’s recorded somewhere that is 2 miles under the earth and populated by Banshees. Simply wonderful

Second is the limited vinyl spilt EP she did with Electro Dub mashers LA VAMPIRES titled “Zola Jesus meets LA Vampires” (catchy). This one is a lot more messy and noisy as her howls are intertwined with some pretty stifling bass beats. Pretty much the perfect Humid September where it’s not that hot, but it’s pretty uncomfortable….

Last but not least is the limited vinyl split she did with Noise Crushmaster BURIAL HEX. This is 3 track (2m hex, 1 Jesus). This is very loose and loud as Zola simply lets it all hang out for 20 minutes. Interesting background music for dinner parties and the like…

So that’s your Lot for this music dump edition. Do us a favour and go and listen to some REAL music for a change…

Listen to Zola Jesus HERE….


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One response to “Music Dump: Zola Jesus Special!

  1. Will Ellwood

    September 11, 2010 at 10:12 pm

    Thank you sir.


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