The Sunday Movie Apocalypse!! “Z for Zachariah”

12 Sep

Good afternoon my little blobs of despair…

I feel bad that i didn´t post a film last week. But as i was going out into the country, i didn´t really feel bad in the slightest. But as we all know sunday is the Lords day of rest, and the best way to celebrate that day of rest is to watch a movie about the end of the world. Yup it’s the Sunday movie apocalypse!!

and this week i present something a little bleak, downbeat and creepy. I give you “Z for Zachariah”

Now i first read this book, by Robert C. O’Brien while studying English at my High School. It’s a cheery tale of a teenage girl surviving on her own in a remote valley, after a nuclear war has devasted the world. Although alone, she seems able to cope well on her own. But into her world comes a stranger in a radiation protection suit. Initial joy at seeing another person, give way to suspicion and fear that threatens to destroy them both.

The book was made into a BBC play for today in 1984, which moves the story from the US to the Welsh Valleys. We also saw this film at school as well ( i remember some of the guys getting all bothered because of the nude bath scene. Kids eh?).  Unlike the usual orgy of destruction and explosions that come from most past apocalyptic movies these days, Z For Zachariah feels more realistic with the realisation that just because you are not alone in the world, doesn´t mean that you will get along.

So get a cup of tea and some toast, and pray that if there is a Nuclear War, then you little corner of the world comes out fairly unscathed…


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3 responses to “The Sunday Movie Apocalypse!! “Z for Zachariah”

  1. Samantha Jo

    November 20, 2010 at 3:35 am

    Do you know ere I can watch or download this movie for free? I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the book and I’m dying t see the full movie =]

  2. Samantha Jo

    November 20, 2010 at 3:36 am

    I mean where*

    • bobcluness

      November 20, 2010 at 10:17 am

      Go to, which has a lot of free movies and register (don’t worry it’s free). Then look for “Z for zachariah”, then it’s there. Will take a whilwe to download as it’s split into 10 parts but it should be easy…..


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