Music Moment: Sólstafir “Ritual of fire”

13 Sep


Oh i didn’t see you there. It’s been an interesting day down here on the farm. Just come back from Bakkus bar where they were showing, as part of their Monday movie madness, the ultimate cult camp thriller “The Baby“. It was chock full of melodramatic glances and acting, LOTS  of crazed wide eyes stares, a mother figure that would put Joan Crawford to shame, and possibly the sickest ending I’ve seen from a film in a while. you should try to find a copy of this movie and a bottle of Vodka. Best Entertainment ever…

Another interesting thing that happened today was that i managed to have a sit down and get an interview/chat with the guys from local metal band Sólstafir. It all went rather well in the end, despite me almost being late thanks to the crappy bus service here. Will get that typed up this week.

So with that in mind tonight’s music moment is from one of their albums, 2005’s “Masterpiece of Bitterness”. Ritual of Fire is a pretty epic 14 minutes of shoegaze guitar sounds that descend into a kind of bleak atmospheric metal with Black overtones. It also helps that the person who uploaded this video thought it would be best to link the song to a montage fo classic Nazi home movies from The Hitler Family! Enjoy.



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