New Icelandic Ambient Classics! no. 3 – Who Knew “We Do”

13 Sep

well as it’s a monday, it must be time for another visit to that 2nd rate idea that i stole, the exploration of the nature of sound , time and space…. the NEW ICELANDIC AMBIENT CLASSICS!

As we didn´t have an ambient classic last week (due to work, anniversaries and teh internets upping and dying on us…), i wondered what would make a really good track for this week. Well after about 15 minutes looking at my music collection, i came up with this interesting little ditty, “We do” by Who Knew.

For those who live outside of Iceland (and therefore have a fully formed knowledge of music), Who Knew are one of the main indie bands that are propping up the Icelandic scene at the moment. Basically think of Wolf Parade and you are 86% there. This track is from their current album “Bit and pieces of a major spectacle”

but does slowing it down improve  upon the original? Well it certainly has a rather dreamy, angel like quality to it. Probably what it would be playing if heaven were a wind tunnel…

But have a listen and see what you think. Oh and below is the original track. Now it’s time for dinner!


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