Free, free,Free music!! better than last weeks free crack giveaway!!

16 Sep

ok i am a VERY busy man here and my time is precious. But you know what is more precious than time and space? Yes it’s you, you miserable fuckers! all i do is  give, give, give and you take like squealing chicks grabbing at that last bit of regurgitated earthworm!!

…. oh where was i? oh yes, it’s time for the free stuff! Well i best get started then….

Ok first up is a band called Fossil Cities. I couldn´t find much info on them apart from their page, but i know what they do and it is something that i heartily approve of. It’s best to describe their sound as a woozy ambient fuzz sounds smeared over some chilling folk acoustic strumming. Their latest EP, “Stoners”, is available to download FOR FREE FROM THEIR BLOG, along with all their other releases as well as some of their other muso friends as well.

OK , secondly we have the self titled album from the artist known only as B. Young. the album contains several tracks of minimal melodic pop that is intersped with jittery clicking beats. Simple but very effective.

Next on my list of little goodies is “Newer stations” by NYC UFOs. Now these guys are different to the other two in that they make buzzing lo-fi indie guitar rock that reminds me a little bit of the likes of Weezer, Pixies and those early 90’s rock bands that i used to listen to so much. It definitely put a smile on my face when i listened to it….

Last, and alas least, is “Caves and Tunnels, Mountains and Stairs” by Totem Pole. Now this EP mixes a lot of 60’s style psych pop sounds that at times was a bit reminiscent of the likes of Peter, Bjorn and John. But whatever you think it sounds like, they definitely have some proper pop chops!

Ok that’s your lot for this week. Now go away…. and take the rubbish with you on your way out….


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