Music Moment – Kimono “Kente”

17 Sep

ok, this is not going to be a big post, as I’m busy writing away like a mothering Hunter S Thompson on catnip. And then i´m off to join the wife for drinks downtown. this means i can’t do a lot of musing on this blog tonight. don´t worry though i will try to get something sorted tomorrow when i manage to get a spare hour.

So i´m going to do a little bit rocking right now with my old nemesis KIMONO. Now like a lot of people in Iceland, i love their current album “Easy Music for Difficult People”. All moody indie rock inflected with 70 prog overtones (and perhaps a little bit of Fleetwood Mac). But the thing that i really love about their music is that it broods. Not many bands can do this easily nowadays without looking like a bunch of arses. And one thing Kimono aren´t is a bunch of bumfaces.

So i´m playing my personal favourite from the album “Kente”. A light start that builds until they go straight into a gallop at the end like a band of Mongol marauders. And i say that is something you want from a rock track…..


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