Music Moment: Rúnar Magnússon – Slowly Inhabits A Body (matter, low vibration)

19 Sep


Well the weekend is now over. I’ve spent the day being a doting husband and writing and stuff. Managed to get a load of words shifted and i´m feeling pretty pleased with myself.

Now i can kick back and listening to some relaxing music before i head for bed. Relaxing? weeeell you could call the track i´m listening to relaxing.

Remember that review i did for the grapevine for the album “options” by Rúnar Magnússon? well i´m still listening to the first track from it, “Slowly inhabits a body”. His PR blurb states as thus “The song is made entirely with sounds sampled from the works of voces Thules, an Icelandic outfit that has been researching music from the middle ages. The instruments used, how it could have sounded and the techniques used.”

But how he’s worked and manipulated the sound makes the middle ages feel more like a nightmarish hellhole where life is cheap and the Gods vicious. Perfect relaxation listening….



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