The Sunday Movie Apocalypse! “The fist of the North Star”

19 Sep

And a good day to you my fellow sentient beings…

As the end of a week comes to a close, it’s always good to take stock and be thankful that another week has gone by where we haven’t destroyed ourselves through nuclear war, biohazard plagues, flesh-eating zombies or the rise fo Justin Bieber (read your scriptures,. he IS the antichrist i tell ye!…)

And what better way to celebrate our continued existence with another round of the SUNDAY MOVIE APOCALYPSE! Now that past couple of weeks have been a little downbeat and well, a little sad. so this week I’m putting a smile on your face with some of the most brilliant apocalyptic kung fu action this side of Japan. Of course this can mean only one thing. yup it THE FIST OF THE NORTH STAR!

the plot of the movie is pretty self-explanatory. After a nuclear war has devastated earth, Ken, a martial arts expert known as the fist of the North Star, is double crossed and left for dead by his brother. But upon his return, he seeks revenge on his brothers, all the while protecting a small band of survivors from marauding mutants and savage gangs.

If you haven’t watched this, then all i can say is that it is soooo brilliant, if rather unintentionally funny. there are some loads of bizarrely proportioned characters (people10 times the size of an average person, etc), while some of the kung fu action breaks most of the rules of physics (can YOU destroy an entire skyscraper in half with a single punch? thought not). Oh and it’s VERY violent as well. Perfect for you sunday dinner.

so get you feet up, sip down that cocoa and prepare to be comforted by the fact that you will not be raped, killed and eaten by a gang of mutant cannibal bikers…

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