Music Moment: Faust “Jennifer”

20 Sep

TT>>>><<<<<TTT▲p▲▲▲▲▲▲▲….. what?…..

Phew slightly fried this evening. The workload is slowly starting to increase and it meant that i had to forego seeing the film “backyard” so i could get around 2500 words from an interview and 20 airwaves band biographies dome and and dusted. Oh and i´m going to be going ANOTHER interview on Wednesday. Hopefully by the weekend i will have most of this all shifted. Oh the life of a freelancer i tell you….

Which brings us onto tonight’s music gumdrop. Now i´m not really that big a fan of avant Krautrockers FAUST. some of their stuff is okaaay, but i´ve never really managed to get into it. But the music from their fourth Album “Faust IV” breaks their usual run of doing things. Apparently this album was seen by die-hard fans as their “sellout” record, because it contained things like melodies that were easy to follow and absorb and songs that lasted less that 10 minutes.

But there is one standout track on the Album that i really like. “Jennifer” is a psych ballad that shows the members of Faust displaying really tight songwriting chops. the first things that hits you is the wobbling bass drone that is present throughout the song. Add to that some simple but structured string arrangements and guitars that eventually all breaks down into some manipulated guitar white noise and ends with some free jamming for a couple of minutes. Krautrock that is VERY easy to get into….


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