Music Moment: Blackbird Blackbird “Pure”

21 Sep


Ok it’s not been a good day on the farm as the black dog clouds of doom have really been nipping away at my soul constantly. It´s all i can do to keep things together, and then i seen a video with a cute puppy and i´m weeping buckets. This is not a good state of affairs to be in, especially with winter coming up.

so maybe i should try some happy music for a change. I´ve been listening to “Summer Heart”, the debut album from Blackbird Blackbird this week.  It’s pretty good actually. Even though there are 18-odd tracks, they’re only a couple of minutes long and it zips along at a fair old pace. Grade A fructose infused Glo pop of the highest order. And when you add it to this video, it’s a pretty good alternative to electric shock treatment to change your viewpoint on life. Either that or an epileptic fit.


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Posted by on September 21, 2010 in music, Video


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