Music Moment: Witthüser & Westrupp “Laßt uns auf die Reise gehn”

23 Sep


ok i have some good news finally. I have finished all my Iceland Airwaves band write ups and have sent them off to be compiled. 143 Individual bands and 5000 words of absolute tosh! But now that it’s over i can get most of my other articles cleared by the weekend and that will leave a few more to do next week.

It also means that i can spend a little more time on this blog. It’s starting to look like an emaciated kitten found in an abandoned railway arches with only some mouldy bread and a piece of coal for company. If this blog were a tamagotchi pet i think it would have started spewing chemical waste by now…

So i PROMISE, i will be giving more care and attention to these pages soon. And to take you into the land of twilight i´m giving you something old…. AND GERMAN!

Witthüser & Westrupp were a 60’s German folk duo that created very psychedelic version of traditional German folk music. they were heavily linked to the Komische music moment in Germany in the early 70’s (which was a kind of analogue response to Krautrock’s brutal “year Zero” ethos).

This song, “Laßt uns auf die Reise gehn” was from their 1971 album, Trips & Träume. Some lovely melodic (and admittedly very German) folk strumming but with some excellent background sonics going on there. It just makes me rather happy and i don´t care what you think!!


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