Iceland airwaves ´10: Time to get my wall planner and felt tip pens ready…

24 Sep

Well we are now almost there. Airwaves starts in under 3 weeks and apparently several people are getting pretty excited about it. And i must admit that i´m finally getting round to looking forward seeing some of the bands who’ll be playing.

So to help us along, airwaves have FINALLY released the playing schedule (which may change according to fires, earthquakes, terrorist pandas, etc, etc)

(click on the pic below to view the whole schedule…)

The first thing i  noticed is that there is a more coherent take on the scheduling. Gone are night taken up with 4 boring signer songwriters followed by a synth band, followed by a metal punk number. It actually looks like they’ve put a lot of thought into this one. Each venue seems to have its own theme. Risið for example looks to be hosting all the quieter acoustic acts and apotekið has the techno and dubstep bods, while Cafe Amsterdam has the more noisy indie rock style bands. So you’re more likely to avoid certain places depending upon your tastes.

Second is that Saturday night is going to be a fair bit of a slog, thanks to all the bands they’ve booked. Apart from the Art museum, every venue will be hosting acts past 3am (and a little later in the case of Apotekið). But at least they’ve avoided the shambles that was Jacobsen on Saturday last year by having the last act appear at 5am!!!

There are a few events that have caught my eye and look to be promising. Let’s have a closer inspection…

Hljóðaklettar Night @ Faktory – Wednesday
00:10 Hunk Of A Man
23:30 Evil Madness & Jóhann Jóhannsson
22:50 Reptilicus
22:10 Stereo Hypnosis
21:30 Selvhenter (DK)
21:00 Vindva Mei
20:30 Arnljótur
20:00 Pétur og úlfurinn

Now one thing that you could accuse Airwaves of is that they don’t take a lot of major risks aesthetic wise in their line up Selection. And the last thing an Airwaves devotee wants is to have their music boundaries challenged! that’s why this night is especially interesting.  While there is no Runar Magússon or Gjöll (although you can see them the night before!), this is a great line up for scratchy punk, tape loop ambient dub, Industrial noise and sizzling retro zombie synths. Pay special attention to the Trio of Reptilicus, Evil Madness and Hunk Of A Man

Ring Night @Listasafn – Friday
23:50 Hurts (UK)
22:50 Everything Everything (UK)
21:50 Dikta
20:50 Feldberg
20:00 Chateau Marmont (FR)
Probably got more or less the best synth pop acts of the line up here (and Dikta). I think Everything Everything will probably just nail Hurts in the music stakes, but keep a good eye on Chateau Marmont. Their French take on updated euro space disco may prove to be the dark horse of the bunch.
Rás 2 / Heineken @ Sódóma – Thursday
00:00 HAM
23:00 S .H. Draumur
22:00 Ensími
21:10 Reykjavík!
20:20 Kimono
19:30 The Fist Fokkers
If you want to see some of the best of Icelandic ROCK music, then this is the night. Both Kimono, and Reykjavik! on the same bill. And then of course FUCKING HAAAAAAM (err excuse me… ahem…). Will be doing another one-off gig. actually hearing them live is a very awesome experience and i urge you god damn hipsters out there to ignore the latest band being pimped by Drowned in Sound or pitchfork, and get over and see them. Or i will give Singer Óttar Proppé your details and he will hunt you down…
so now that we know what the playing field is like, i suppose i best speak to my Editor (and personal Podiatrist) Haukur to see if i can get any review dibs on some of these events…
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