Music Dump: Ascend “Ample Fire Within”

25 Sep

Now that i am semi-back in control of my life, i must now get in charge of tending to the farm. Animals need to be fed, crops need to be harvested and cows and horses need to be milked of their valuable manfat jizz. It’s a filthy job but someones got to do it.

And then there is you, you covetous bastards. you’re never satisfied are you? well I’ll give you some free music, but i hope you bloody choke on it you gits!!!!

Oh yeah where was i? Ah, free music. It’s time for my weekly music dump. And this week i want to go heaaaaaaavy….. In particular, doom laden cacophonous heavy belief bending music. Now think i may have something here that may be just the thing.. ah yes! Ladies and gentlemen i give to you “Ample Fire within” by Ascend.

Ascend is a collaborative musical project between Gentry Densley (Iceburn, Eagle Twin) and Greg Anderson (sunn 0))),Goatsnake, Engine Kid). the mere mention of Sunn o))) means that this album ain’t going to be no lullaby. In fact from the first track, with its massive downtuned guitar drone, chants and medieval trumpet blasts, you’d think they’d just nicked half of this from “Monoliths and Dimension”. That is until you realise that “ample fire within” came out a whole year before “Dimensions”. The first 3 tracks are concerned with hideous destruction of sorts with the last 3 tracks looking at an attempt to rebuild towards the light.

As well as drone metal there are some interesting jazz fusion styling at several points in the mix hinting as attempts to stretch the style. you then come to realise that some of was being attempted here, would be  later used on Sunn o)))’s magnum opus.

An interesting listen if you want a different take on the old drone metal axiom.

Try Ascend HERE

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