Music Moment: Amen Dunes “Diane”

26 Sep


interesting evening. As per the last post i went out and watched the “where’s the Snow” documentary. Pretty interesting in places and it looked really great, but was a bit patchy and concentrated HEAVILY on a few bands. will probably belch out a few hundred words on it tomorrow if i can get the time finishing articles and conducting interviews with “on the edge” metal bands….

so i want something a little unsettling after all the celebratory circle jerk rock i´ve been listening to. And i found a little something that i think will send shivers up your spine…

Amen Dunes is the solo project of one Damon McMahon. He already produced an album, 2006’s “Dia” which, naturally, was created in a barren log cabin up in the mountains. This track, “Diane”, is taken from his most recent EP “Murder Dull Mind”. This is a little more introspective. It’s just him and an amplified acoustic guitar. It’s bleak and haunting, the sounds tattered and sunbleached by exposure to the elements. When he sings those half-formed lyrics, it sounds more like the despairing howl of a wounded animal. Less of a song, more a period of shamanic exorcism. Recommended for baptisms and acoustic open mics at coffee houses on a Saturday afternoon….


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