Music Moment: Neil young “Angry World”

27 Sep


Evening there suckers! Well i´m just about to send more copy off to my benevolent Cenotbite masters as i´m counting the days till i start to pick away at my shattered psyche during Airwaves like a week old scab. But i´m sure that everything will be ok. I hope…

But while typing away this evening i was surfing through the music that clogs up my RSS feeder when i came across news of the new album from Neil young, “Le Noise”. While i don´t have much of La Young’s past discography, the fact that he still sounds a bit pissed off with the way of the world at his age marks him out a bit from most of the super annuated rock stars of the bloated dud rock musosphere (Bonio, Epic Clacton, Bumface Man from Coldplay i´m looking at you).

This track in particular was rather attention grabbing. “Angry World” is pretty much Neil Young without Crazy Horse. Produced by Daniel Lanois, it’s simple, raw emotion with a snarling buzzing  guitar and nothing else. Neil sounds a bit like an old bear raging against his own mortality (albeit a bear with a high-pitched singing voice), but there’s no denying that this is an ode to disappointment of the crapness of the world that we have made for ourselves. Worth more than 100 muses and at least 156 Editors….


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