Music Memories: Who doesn’t love US RAWWWK??

29 Sep

Wow it must be ages since i last did one of these posts….

Well as we all know it was the early 90’s and the storm of UK indie was in fine fettle. We had Madchester guys off their faces on ecstasy and pork scratchings, morose foppy haired art students ripping off Bowie and the Smiths, and dirty looking people from the Midlands were creating a growing business in long sleeve t-shirts and dreadlocks. But across the pool in Yankeeland, a strange Sauron-like monolithic beast was stirring…

and that beast’s name was GRUNGE!

I´m not really going into the whys and hows of Grunge, needless to say that i was one of those Orc like beasts that got myself rather hooked on that loud angry sound. And like a militant convert to say, religion or vegetarianism, i turned my back on most of my indie past and embraced anything that was in plaid, torn jeans, long greasy hair or screaming feedback. I even tried growing my hair, but alay my hair turnd out like a thick afro and looked ridiculous whenever i tried to mosh.

One thing In particular i remember having on my wall was a poster that came out free with the Melody maker. It had Nirvana on one side, which was ok i guess, but the real treasure on the other side was an exhaustive list of US Grunge Bands.

Another interesting little thing i had in my collection was an OST to the film singles, which was marketed as a Grunge movie, but really it was just a relationship movie in Seattle, with Matt Dillon trying to be all rock with Chris Cornell and that bass player from pearl Jam. i wonder why i never burned that thing…

Of course as time grew on, the interest in grunge became more of an interest in US rock in General. Like everyone else i became a bit of a fan of the likes of Janes Addiction (their song “Ted, just admit it” with the screamed lyric “SEX IS VIOLENCE!” probably have a few parent choking on their cornflakes in the morning) and especially Dinosaur Jr. Their album “Where You been” was listened to so many times i had to replace the tape twice before i got around to getting it on CD.

If you’re a bit younger and not quite au fait with early 90’s US rock and grunge, then this video will help. I remember watching this at night in my bedroom. Some very good performances from the Likes of Sonic Youth, Sugar and Dinosaur Jr, they wheel out Rage against the Machine alas. But then i went to University and my love of music became somewhat radically altered. More on that soon…..

So if you want to experience a little of those heady days of moshing to Seattle Rock….

Try “Ear bleeding Country – the Best of Dinosaur Jr” HERE

Try Janes Addictions “Nothing Shocking” HERE

Try Nirvanas “Bleach” HERE

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