Music Moment: Salem “ASIA”

29 Sep


Well i actually tried to do some work today as i was rally fucking lazy and decided not to do anything at all yesterday. I spent the evening looking at episodes of “The Daily Show” and watching bizarre BBC documentaries on YouTube. But i need to get some things wrapped up as i’ll be a little busy over the weekend, which I’ll probably be divulging tomorrow. Don’t worry it’s not really that exciting, but there may be some music and free food and booze….

So as for tonight, i was going to post a track by Spacemen 3 as i was listening to some of their old stuff today and forgot how much they rocked and droned. But then this video came up and it was a rather disturbing sight.

I’ve spoken about Salem in the past as they’ve been lumped in with all that With house genre labelling stuff (which i also did) and this is mostly due to their use of heavily distorted, crunching beats, echoed howling vocals and woozy synths. They are really the perfect “Bedroom Band” as while it all sounds great in your headphones, every live video i´ve ever seen of them on YouTube, they’ve frankly sucked pretty badly.

But their videos are a different matter. This one for their lead track, “ASIA” reminds me a little of the “Blair Witch Project” and the wobbly VHS intro to Nine Inch Nails “Broken” movie. Lots of grainy dark footage, psychotic looking kids that are half-naked and carrying guns, and lots of wandering around deserted wasteland at night. It’s the sort of thing you expect to find when the police ransack the home and video collection of a serial killer.

Good Night….

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