When beer, networking and digital media mix: you are In control…..

01 Oct

good evening wimps

Well i didn´t post anything last night as i was having some quality time with Sigga, followed by trying to win the RIFF film pub quiz  with the bass player from Klink and Gunnar Eggertsson, one of the RIFF organisers.  But alas we lost in the final in the SECOND tie break. FUUUUUUU……

But that was last night. right now i´m home, a little bit rushed and woozy. Why? well I’ve just attended a reception for the international digital media conference You Are In Control. Yes this year they’ve decamped to Iceland and even though (for a bit of a laugh) i asked for and got accreditation, i´m not 100% sure what the hell I’m actually doing there.

But it wasn’t all for nothing. There are actually some real movers and shakers there. People from CCP games, the Iceland Music Export, Gogogic and other people involved in the creative business Iceland who happen to make money from the non-traditional way (i.e. bribe politicians so they can build smelters, or fish with impunity…).

I also manged to Meet Simon Iddol (who i interviewed for the Grapevine) and he is a lovely man. On top of that, i met (after a long internet friendship) Paul Sullivan, journalist and photographer extraordinaire. and we had a decent chat about the quality, or lack thereof, of Icelandic music documentaries…

but right now i´m having  beer and then heading right back out into the night. I may be gatecrashing an Ocktoberfest party being held at CCP (i sort of got an invite) and then i may be heading to Swords of Chaos at faktóry later on. Or maybe not if i don’t pass out too soon….

But to help you along, here is some music from the Band who were performing at the reception, Nóra. I apparently gave them a very good review, but that’s all speculation…

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