Music Moment: Pole “Achterbahn (Shackleton Remix)”

03 Oct


Ah even there you forlorn creatures of the night….

as I’ve managed to get the last few chunks of work cleared from my desk, i´m now turning my attention to the week ahead. Meeting a few interesting people and will probably have a chat about politics, philosophy and kittens. Yup this week we hopefully will get around to liberating a small kitty from Katthölt, the Icelandic version of the cats protection league. This part of Downtown is already crawling with cats, so what’s one more eh?

Also today i was sorting out my online music library and cutting out the deadwood. Then i came across this track. Hadn’t heart it in a while. Pole is the nom de plume of german electronics artist Stefan Betke. He made this track for his 2007 album “Steingarten”. But then along comes Dubstep ghoul Shackleton and turns the track into a more haunting, unsettling prospect. Those ultra low-level synth blasts sound a bit like the sort fo horns you’d expect to hear from a barbarian army in Conan the Barbarian. Either way, a remix that improves upon the original.


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