Free Music Stream: Hljóðaklettar “Dress Up”

04 Oct

Hey, remember when a short while back, i reviewed a compilation tape from Hljóðaklettar Records titled “Dress Up”‘? Well i rather liked it as it was pretty much a resounding statement on the main shakers of the Icelandic electronica/ambient/ Noise scene.

Well in the Run up to the Hljóðaklettar night at Iceland Airwaves, they have released on stream the entire compilation via soundcloud. Now isn’t that rather nice of them?

Side A Running Order

1. Olympia – Petur Eyvindsson
2. Free Magic Weed – Evil Madness
3. Big Shadow Montana – Stilluppsteypa & BJNilsen
4. Remonia – Vindva Mei
5. Crying Café (late edition) – The Crying Cowboy & Rúnar Magnússon
6. Exterio-(P)rism – Dino Felipe
7. Live001 (recorded in Krems 8.5.10) – Reptilicus

Side B Running Order
1. compact assette – Thor Magnússon
2. JarreSchulze – BJ Nilsen
3. UPlifttheMind – Takeshi Muto
4. Freeze no Extra – Rudi Müller & Rúnar Magnússon
5. Captain of Love – Hunk Of A Man
6. Dr. Diablo – Jóhann Jóhannsson & Runar Magnusson
7. Kjallari Keisarans – Sigtryggur Berg Sigmarsson
8. Dimitri – Helgi Thorsson
9. Stadion – DJ Musician

If you want to hear some real music coming from Iceland right now, then i suggest you click those play buttons right now….

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